Our games

Over the years, members of the London Indie RPG community have published games, many of which were first developed at our meetups.

Chronicles of Skin by Sebastian and Jason Hickey

Chronicles of Skin is a game of scribbling and storytelling. Using cards and a pencil, you and your friends will tell a story, recording it on paper with doodles and glyphs.

In every game you will be an Artist, an Other and a Scribe.

When play begins, you interpret symbols and create flags using a custom deck of 72 gorgeous playing cards. From these flags you determine the traits that sculpt the story of your war. You will introduce characters from both cultures and bring them to the brink of extinction. Which cultures survives? That's up to you.

Cthulhu Dark and other games by by Graham Walmsley

Cthulhu Dark is Graham Walmsley's rules-light system for Lovecraft roleplaying. The rules are fun and incredibly minimal: they fit on one sheet of paper. You don’t need a character sheet to play, so you can start playing after two minutes of prep.

In Disco World you play four outsiders exploring the emerging Disco scene in 1970s New York.

A Taste for Murder is Graham Walmsley's Agatha Christie-style murder mystery game.

Graham is also the author of two books: Stealing Cthulhu, about getting to the essence of Lovecraft's storytelling in roleplaying games, and Play Unsafe which is about using improvisational techniques to improve your roleplaying.

The Hood and other games by James Mullen


The 'Hood is an Apocalypse World hack about ordinary people living on the fringes of law and society, looking for ways to make a buck no matter what it takes. 

James is an active designer of games, many of which you can learn about on his development blog.

Intrepid by John Keyworth

Intrepid is a structured freeform game for 3–5 players.

You and your friends will collaborate to tell the epic stories of characters braving quests filled with glory and adventure.

Explore a fantasy world drawn straight from your imaginations during play! Take control of characters within that world and create it around them as you experience their loves and losses, failures and triumphs.

Marked for Death by Sanchit Sharma

Marked for Death is a (moderately comedic) FATE module about assassins assassins working together to try and achieve their goals (read: kill their targets) without being noticed by the authorities. 

Sci-Fi Beta Kappa and other games by Leo Marshall

In Sci-Fi Beta Kappa (with Ben Marriott), players take on the roles of slacker aliens with a bunch of abilities such as power manipulation, enhanced senses, larceny, super strength etc., who, having been kicked off their homeworlds for various misdemeanours, have been exiled to a frat house on Terra.

Where The Heart Is is a GMless storygame that explores the family of tomorrow, where atypical family structures have become the norm, but where family members have to deal with all the traditional kinds of problems as well as some new ones.


Seven Wonders: A Story Games Anthology

Seven Wonders is a collection of stand-alone story games from UK-based games designers - including several London Indie RPG regulars - which focus on characterisation and inter-character drama, and use improvisational techniques to tell innovative, compelling tales.

Unheroes by Joanna Piancastelli

You’re all normal people. You’re here, in this normal place, doing whatever normal thing you’re doing. If you’re at a convention, you’re at a convention. If you’re in a bar, you’re in a bar. Everyone around you is getting on with their lives – they’re perfectly normal, just like you.

Except that you weren't normal, before. You were superheroes, the saviours of Herotopia, though you don’t remember it. No one does. The whole of reality was altered and the history that you used to know no longer exists, and never did. But it’s trying to reassert itself.

What happens if it does? Why did everything change in the first place? You're the only ones who can find out.

Unheroes is a game for 5-9 players that runs in 2 hours. It needs a person to facilitate, but the facilitator can easily take part as a player.

What You Wish For by Ashley Griffiths

What You Wish For is a structured freeform roleplaying game for exactly 3 players. In it you explore the happiest memories and greatest hopes of everyday people, just like you and I, who have become stuck in a rut, dissatisfied with their lives and directionless.

You will reflect upon your characters past, dream about their possible future and then make a positive move forward to change their lives for the better.

Games of WYWF are pacey, taking around 1 – 2 hours to complete, but they produce satisfying and emotionally poignant stories.

Witch and other games by the Pompey Crew

Witch: The Road To Lindisfarne is a GMless role-playing story game for 4-6 players. In a single evening, players will collaborate to tell the story of the journey to a young woman's absolution. They will explore the lingering pasts of a cast of characters, their relationships to each other, and decide their ultimate fates.

The Marquis of Ferrara is is a GMless role-playing game about passion, politics and murder in early Renaissance Italy.