Take part in our 2016 survey

We’re conducting a survey of current and past Indiemeet participants to find out who you are, what you think about our meetups and how we might be able to make them better. If you’ve ever been to our meetup, even just one a few years ago, we really want to hear from you. Fill in […]

Let’s get organised!

The tldr; version: I’m writing a survey for Indiemeet participants and would like your input; I’d like us to formalise how we organise stuff a bit better and use an online tool such as Asana to help people better coordinate together. It’s coming to the end of the year, and the time we tend to […]

Fiasco Play Summary

The evolution of Jason Morningstar’s dice mechanics

Jason Morningstar is one of the most well-known RPG designers in this particular indie community, and his game Fiasco is one of its few true break-out hits. One of the things that impressed me about his design is his efficiency and nowhere is this clearer than in how he uses dice. In this retrospective I […]

Now we are six

London Indie RPG Meetup is celebrating its sixth birthday this Saturday and we’d love you to come and celebrate with us and have a slice of cake or two. Back in 2010 a small group of Londoners returning from Concrete Cow in Milton Keynes decided to start getting together once a month to play they […]

Where is our Columbo?

Columbo was a revolutionary tv show within its genre: it brought together both the British and American detective mystery genres by putting an everyman gumshoe from the American tradition into the British setting of murder amongst the privileged, and it flipped the regular murder mystery structure by revealing the culprit at the beginning and turning […]

Helen Gould’s Classical Monsterhearts

I wrote these skins mostly because I absolutely love classical Greek mythology and tragedy. For me, the great thing about Greek tragedy is that it is unapologetically explicit, dangerous, and gruesome – play after play is full of blood, guts, treachery, and sometimes very dark humour – while the characters have a rare kind of […]

Immigrants welcome here

This isn’t a blog post about the rights and wrongs of the UK leaving the European Union – clearly Indiemeet isn’t the place to debate that. And of course, this are my personal opinions only – as you would expect from a group with no organising body or structure. It is prompted by the fact […]

Which comes first: the game or the roleplay?

I discovered not too long along that I have two modes of play for rpgs: The first mode is where I am playing a game and my enjoyment comes from using the assets and abilities I have to beat it. I am still playing and exploring a character, but if there’s ever a clash between […]

UK Games Expo 2016

If you’ve never been to a games convention, I highly recommend it! At its best, it’s like stepping outside the real world into a magical place where everyone shares your love of a particular hobby, and you can spend a few uninterrupted days playing your favourite games with enthusiastic strangers, any or all of whom […]

Puzzle-solving vs problem-solving and Golden Sky Stories

In this episode of Game Maker’s Toolkit, Mark Brown talks about puzzle-solving in video games. He draws a distinction between puzzle-solving – in which he discovers the solution – and problem-solving – in which he invents a solution. He highlights the difference between ‘the’ and ‘a’,  where puzzles have only one (or a very limited […]