A typical meetup

Join us at our main monthly meetups or our weekday evening meetups to play a great selection of indie roleplaying games.

You don't need to bring anything, and you don't need to know anything about indie games - just turn up ready to tell some stories with a great group of people.

Weekend meetups start at 12:15pm for the first session and 5:00pm for the second while weekday meetups start at 7:00pm, and games usually last between three and four hours.

At the beginning of the session, the host for the day will get everyone together and welcome them to Indiemeet. If the weather's nice, we sometimes gather outside. The host will explain how the day will go, and then ask if anyone has any announcements to make. A lot of Indiemeet members have projects that are games related that other people might be interested in, and you're more than welcome to speak up if there's anything you'd like to tell us.

When announcements are done, the pitching starts. Members bring games that they're offering to run, and when it's time to pitch each person in turn tells the group a little bit about their game and how it works to try and entice people into wanting to play. Once everyone who has a game is done, we'll do a quick recap of everything that's been pitched.

Then it's time to get people into games, starting with Newcomers' Choice. At a person's first Indiemeet session, they'll be given first choice of all the games on offer and get to reserve a spot in their favourite game before everyone else signs up. Once all the newcomers have chosen their games, the host will run down the list to get all the remaining players into games, trying to make sure as many as possible get their first choice.

And at last, it's time to play! Each group takes a table and starts the setup for the game they decided to play.