Now we are six

London Indie RPG Meetup is celebrating its sixth birthday this Saturday and we’d love you to come and celebrate with us and have a slice of cake or two.

Back in 2010 a small group of Londoners returning from Concrete Cow in Milton Keynes decided to start getting together once a month to play they roleplaying and story games they love, but which were frequently overlooked elsewhere. We’ve been going ever since, and have branched out to two monthly midweek meetups and holding events at other conventions including Dragonmeet, Nine Worlds and the UK Games Expo. It’s become a hub of creativity and fun at which people play everything from their homebrew dungeon crawl fantasy RPG through to kitchen sink dramas (and pretty much everything in between).

We’ve also become a place where successful games are playtested and perfected, with a growing number of games emerging from our community. It’s a friendly and supportive environment for people to explore their ideas.

As well as the month of our founding, October is also a great jumping on point in the year as the nights start to draw in and people look to more indoor pursuits. Plus, there’s cake. So if you’ve been meaning to give us a try for a while now but haven’t made the leap, or if you haven’t come for a while, this is the Saturday to pop your head around the door.

If you’re interest, then just come along! You don’t need to RSVP (although it’s helpful – especially when we need to decide how much birthday cake to buy – and we recommend you sign up to our Meetup Page and/or Facebook Group to be notified of future events). We’ve written a short guide to what we do (tl;dr: we play fun games – and make a special effort to make first timers feel welcome).

Oh, and did I mention cake?

(and before you type “the cake is a lie” in the comments, it really isn’t)

James Graham

James is a gamer based in London, UK. He has been roleplaying since being inspired by the film Monsters and Mazes aged 8, back in 1982, possibly missing the point. He is a regular organiser at the London Indie RPG Meetup and has been participating in the group since December 2012.

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